Donovan Primary Touch  Term 1, 2021 

Touch is now being played on Thursday 

Thank you to those that have registered. Registrations are now closed. The following information is a reminder about day change, current venue and when it starts. 


It costs $25 per child and runs from Thursday 25th February (week 4, term 1) to Thursday the  1st April (week 9, term 1) 

The competition will be played at the Waikiwi Rugby Club, Bainfeild Road 

The children play in their School Year levels.  

Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4, Year 5 and 6. Touch Southland would like to make girls and boys teams, so where possible we will do this, otherwise they will be mixed teams. There is also a change to the Year 1 and 23 and 4 girls teams, they are able to play 4 aside. This is to encourage girls participation. 

We also need coaches for the teams, if we do not have coaches it becomes very hard to enter teams. 


Thank You 

Janene Butt, Robyn Wilson and Jacqui Holland